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Application mobile CitizenWave

Accelerate the societal transformation of your business

    By mobilizing internal collective intelligence,
  • concretize operationally the company mission in the business lines,
  • and detect what matters to your employees.
Accélérez la transformation sociétale de votre entreprise
Engagez les collaborateurs en leur donnant la parole

Engage employees by giving them a voice

    Give meaning to all your teams, near or far :
  • raise awareness, involve, co-construct,
  • allow transformative initiatives to emerge, in transversal and collaborative mode.

Create a committed ecosystem

  • federate all your stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers),
  • and make external partnerships emerge transforming with other companies, associations or territories.
Créez un écosystème engagé

Discover our collaborative platform, a unique SaaS solution
dedicated to employee and organizational engagement

Une application mobile

A mobile application

dedicated and secure to collaborate and leverage Collective Intelligence
Une méthodologie d’animations

An animation methodology

diversified to make the commitment a long-term one
Une plateforme analytique

An analytical platform

to drive engagement, understand trends and detect signals

Our features

Création d’idées Idea creation
Classification des contenus Content Classification
notification Notifications push et email
Proposition de contenu Content proposal
Listes d’idées Idea Lists
Listes ouvertes collectives Collective open lists
Parcours personnalisés Personalized courses
Tutoriels d’utilisation Tutorials of use
Statistiques et Analytiques Statistics and Analytics
Signalement de contenu Content Reporting
Interactions sociales Social Interactions
Partage Sharing
Communauté privée Private Community
Participants externes External participants
Événements Événements
Contenu personnalisé Customized content

An Analytical Platform

angle angle angle angle
  • Quantitative data related to the use of the platform
  • Qualitative data to capture trends, insights and weak signals
  • Available on a dedicated web platform with pre-designed and fully customizable dashboards
  • Secure and anonymized data
An Analytical Platform

Mise and oeuvre

Integration & Security
    • Onboarding by the management team
    • Platform customization
    • Proposal of pre-designed content and paths to get started
    • For in-depth support, we put you in touch with trusted partners
    • Bottom-up approach: the majority of content is user-generated content (UGC - user generated content)
    • A wide variety of publications and events are available: awareness-raising, surveys, debates, challenges, events, calls for action...
    • Turnkey content and events with our partner associations and influencers
    • Real-time analysis of usage and shared content
    • Plug & Play integration via API
    • Data and storage encryption
    • Anonymous data processing
    • Access security
    • Blockchain technology to come

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