Sustainable development
is at the heart of
CitizenWave’s commitments

CitizenWave invests in companies to accompany them in their CSR strategy and places Sustainable Development at the heart of its philosophy.

People at the heart of our DNA

Our mission is to facilitate your path to collaborative CSR.

For a Sustainable Development strategy in companies to take shape and be sustainable, all the driving forces must unite and act at their level.

Créez un écosystème engagé

Créez un écosystème engagé

Every action, idea, initiative counts and contributes to the construction of a solid collaborative CSR.

It is by working as a team that we will move together towards a sustainable and positive future.

Objectifs de Développement Durable

CitizenWave is also committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN in 2015.

These goals call on all spheres of the world’s population to become aware of the urgency and immediate need for everyone’s commitment.

Objectifs de Développement Durable

Our values


It is important for us to put the human being at the heart of all our reflections and initiatives. Personal and family, professional, associative, local… Our lives have many facets.

This is why CitizenWave addresses the human being in all its dimensions and in all its communities.

More than a simple virtual collaborative platform, CitizenWave wishes to be anchored in the real world by promoting the realization of projects and interconnections that are created and that will take place on the ground.

Thus, we have the will to develop an eco-citizen aspiration in each of us.



We are convinced that it is by committing ourselves together that we will be able to respond effectively to the challenges of sustainable development.

CitizenWave’s mission is to create a network of interconnected people and entities. Our platform has been designed with all the functionalities to facilitate exchanges, debates, mutual aid and therefore cooperation.

We believe in the power of the group and of collective intelligence. Doing things together allows not only for the emergence of new ideas for action, but also for the evolution of our social and environmental consciousness in community.


CitizenWave advocates solidarity, listening and respect for all: users, partners and investors, starting with our employees. We believe in the possibility of everyone to progress.

Beginners as well as experts are therefore welcome, including organizations wishing to actively engage in sustainable development.

Everyone is free to express themselves, while ensuring that the principles of inclusion and non-discrimination are respected.

CitizenWave is committed to maintaining a positive and constructive dialogue between all users, even when there are differing opinions.



We are therefore committed to supporting individuals and associations/NGOs by providing them with totally free public access.

Companies and public institutions can propose lists of sponsored ideas, thus providing value-added content in favor of sustainable development. There is no advertising in the classical sense on CitizenWave.

We are also committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. We only ask for information about you that allows us to provide you with the most relevant platform experience possible.

These personal data will not be given or sold to third parties under any circumstances.


At CitizenWave, we are enthusiastic. But we are also aware of the urgency of the situation.

We choose optimism because we fundamentally believe in the future through the ability of each individual to act.

That’s why you’ll always hear us address you in a positive tone. With the desire to realize small and large eco-responsible projects together, we can move towards a more sustainable future.



It’s up to us to build our possibilities! In a desire to have an ever more positive impact on the planet, we choose to turn to solutions.

CitizenWave is a dynamic, engaged and constantly moving community. As a result, we are constantly striving to improve your experience and the efficiency of the platform.

Because it is from the emergence of new ideas and initiatives on the digital platform that a concrete and physical commitment in the real world will be born.