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Welcome to CitizenWave, the collaborative application where individuals, non-profit organizations, companies and public institutions can engage together in eco-responsible projects.

Why CitizenWave?

Sustainable development is from now on a major concern. People have got the will to engage in concrete actions in coordination with everyone, to get and share best practices, they need organizations to engage alongside with them and be informed about the least products harmful to the environment, they need indicators measuring their personal and the community overall impact.

What’s the problem? They just don’t know how to do it, where to find the information they need, and from whom, how to connect and act with non-profit or companies and public institutions, or finally just how to measure their impact.

We have built CitizenWave around a philosophy of positive action and collaboration to solve this vast problem.

Our philosophy in detail

Why is CitizenWave a solution for you?

We have made this philosophy actionable, through a collaborative application (mobile and web).
The CitizenWave app offers you very simple and playful way to be able to:

eco-citizen missions

Participating in, or propose ideas for Sustainable

CO2 impact

Reducing your
CO2 impact


Stretching to

more sustainable diet

Moving to a more sustainable and balanced diet

much more

And much more

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Et parce que votre engagement doit être reconnu, à chaque action que vous réalisez, vous êtes encouragés par le gain d’écobonus. Ces écobonus constituent une vraie reconnaissance de votre engagement éco-citoyen. Vous pourrez ainsi en échange de ces écobonus acquérir des produits et services éco-responsables provenant des entreprises partenaires de CitizenWave, ou bien offrir ces écobonus à une association partenaire de votre choix. ecobonus

Why CitizenWave is also for companies,
public institutions and non-profit organisations?

We believe that Sustainable Development is everyone's business and that we all need to act together, the CitizenWave collaborative application also connects people with companies, public institutions and non-profit organisations.

Are you a company?

By engaging with CitizenWave’s eco-citizen community, you’re actually engaging with people that can be your customers or your employees. Learn from them, tell and share your vision so that your sustainable development strategy and your brand image are strengthened.

You are then as close as possible to market concerns, the best way to understand and address them, facing the new eco-innovation challenges.

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Are you a public institution?

Access an ideal audience to more effectively set in motion your sustainable development and eco-citizenship policy. Learning and sharing ideas and projects is considered today as the basics of a collective intelligence that every public institution is eager to set up.

By interacting with people on your sustainable development topics on a daily basis, you are now in connection with people shifting to a green behaviour, expecting so much from public institutions.

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Are you an non-profit organisation?

CitizenWave gives you effective access to people willing to join you, as well as a wider visibility of your actions on the ground. Propose your ideas, actions and get feedback from everyone. Give your vision and share your proposition for a better world with concrete actions. With Citizenwave, you are an active part of a network of people and organizations that will strengthen your image and give you opportunities to develop your activity.

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