What support is needed to quickly start and implement a CSR approach?

June 29, 2021

Whether it is a way to revitalize one’s activity, to reinvent one’s model, or to anchor the values and commitment of one’s company, the benefits of a concrete CSR approach are numerous. Today, companies are well aware of the issues and challenges that are emerging. But many of them are wondering how to deploy and implement their approach, while involving their employees and stakeholders.

Because we believe in positive synergies, CitizenWave is partnering with CorpoKarma to integrate the new B+ Program. Tuesday, June 29 at 11am, we present together the articulation of this program.

On the agenda of this session:
– What methodologies should we rely on to deploy the most impactful CSR strategy possible?
– How can the CitizenWave platform support the impact approach of companies by raising awareness and involving employees?
– How to make your company’s CSR approach concrete?