Drive a sustainable strategy through collaborative CSR

July 7, 2022

To reinvent its CSR strategy, it is essential to involve employees upstream and to communicate transparently on the issues and objectives. This way, each employee is kept informed, involved and becomes a player in this transformation.

Whether they are in the field of Sustainable Development, HR or even Communication, there are many issues that can be a source of work for collaborative CSR.

Discover how to break down the silos of governance by communicating your CSR objectives and freeing the voice of employees.

During this webinar, Laetitia Delaye, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at our client Remy Cointreau, will have the pleasure of sharing with you how collaborative CSR has been able to add dimension to its sustainable strategy.

Come and discover how to involve your teams in the co-construction of a CSR strategy and amplify the phenomenon of exchange and sharing.

On the agenda:

  1. Create a team emulation around your sustainable strategy
  2. Engaging employees by feeding back ideas
  3. How to communicate on the CSR strategy within the company
  4. Q&A