Deploying your CSR strategy with CitizenWave?

April 28, 2022

Among the main issues for companies, information, awareness and involvement of employees in CSR commitments are positioned very high in terms of priority. This event was an opportunity to discuss the different axes of action to gather your teams around your CSR strategy.

The CitizenWave method is a combination of a digital platform and a customized implementation approach. This webinar will be an opportunity to present CitizenWave’s mission, strategy and method for accelerating your CSR commitments.

In the format of an interview, here are the main topics discussed with our speakers:

  1. What is CitizenWave?
  2. Who is CitizenWave for?
  3. When to deploy the solution?
  4. How to track team engagement?
  5. What is the CitizenWave method?