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The ChangeNow Summit is a global showcase of solutions for the planet, but first and foremost it is a gathering of all those who want to accelerate change.

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The ChangeNow Summit is a global showcase of solutions for the planet, but first and foremost it is a gathering of all those who want to accelerate change.

Companies, associations and individuals, the 28,000 participants exchanged on more than 1,000 solutions and innovations around sustainable development from January 30 to February 1 at the Grand Palais in Paris. In its 3th edition, this year’s ChangeNow trade show brought together more than 120 countries that attach major importance to sustainable development. On the stands, at conferences and workshops, Heroes Of Change were able to showcase their solutions and learn from those of others. It was a summit that encouraged communication and exchange.

Many themes were discussed

Participants seek to take concrete actions to take a step forward in achieving the various sustainable development goals set by the UN for a socially and environmentally sustainable planet. Several themes were addressed during this ChangeNow: climate, education, plastic consumption, agriculture, oceans and renewable energies.

On these themes of sustainable development, the solutions proposed by the exhibitors were not only for adults, but also for children, who were welcome at the show. Everyone can act in their own way!

Public personalities widely involved

Well-known faces from all over the world who are committed to sustainable development came to the show to share their experiences and vision. Notable participants included Bertrand Piccard, founder of Solar Impulse, Boyan Slat, founder of The Ocean Cleanup, and Nicolas Hulot, former Minister of Ecology who is currently acting on behalf of his Foundation for Nature and Mankind. The latter believes in particular that the World must engage in a “transition of Society”, by highlighting the role of each citizen. Indeed, for him, “the social and ecological stakes are intimately linked”.

CitizenWave at ChangeNOW

CitizenWave had the privilege of being selected by ChangeNow as one of the 250 start-ups offering the most innovative solutions to save the planet.
We took advantage of the ChangeNow trade show to launch our platform for employee and citizen engagement.

Visitors to our booth, numerous and very attentive, were interested in our approach, especially in the possibility of switching between personal and professional environments with the “same” profile, and did not hesitate to download the application. Many of the questions asked about how the application works, development abroad, users already see it as a motivating prospect.

CitizenWave was able to reach its entire professional ecosystem during the show, 130 companies, 20 associations, 10 investors and 20 local authorities, not to mention the special visit of the Secretary of State Mrs. Emmanuelle Wargon, and the people who came to visit us during the public day on Saturday.

In addition to this first assessment of the show, we have strengthened our strategic positioning with companies and local authorities and committed with new collaboration agreements. So, let’s meet at the next Produrable trade show, which will take place on April 28th and 29th, for a customer feedback session on the subject of accelerating the commitment of employees and/or fellow citizens!

Until then, find us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).

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