Act now

In a context where environmental and sustainable development issues have never been so visible, concrete and publicized, the awareness of citizens is very keen on the need to act NOW.

An eco-citizenship on hold

I – In front of the immensity of the task, many people still think that their personal effort will be a drop of water that will not change the race of the world. They no longer do what they know is necessary for their environment.

II – Moreover, the need for immediacy founds new Identities. Individuals want a concrete, rapid, personal action, without enlistment or engagement, with immediate impact, immediate reward, immediate satisfaction, in a collaborative, open and dual mode (digital and real life). To address them it is necessary to assume their relationship with time (immediate – Future) and location (local – global).


III – So when citizens' initiatives are put into action, they are born, structured and developed to encourage all others to take action. These individuals and Associative multiplication, accompanied by Brand-sponsored initiatives and supported by Public Organizations, saturate a landscape of proposals for eco-citizens, similar and unsynchronized actions and offer a face of an inefficient competition

IV – Finally, there is a willingness from Consumers to "not endorse alone the effort of sustainable development. They are clearly expecting every stakeholder in the society (Government, Corporations and Brands, Associations, Retailers) to carry and assume a role. In this new ecosystem, their expectations abut these stakeholders are more than ever proportional to the mistrust they are given: Companies and Brands at the very front-end. » All have to get into action.

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Our Mission

We want to create an eco-citizen momentum of magnitude by networking all the initiatives allowing every person and every organization to act for the planet.

We will propose a Dedicated and Unique Global Digital Platform that will connect every person and initiatives in a coordinated and motivated way through eco-citizen missions.

Through our Platform we will allow t
he spread of an eco-citizen mimicry to educate, inform, propose and connecting the whole world.


Our solution

With our Mobile Application and our unique Digital Platforme

Participate in a Mission

Anyone wishing to participate in an eco-citizen mission can choose from this unique portal, collaborate within the social network, measure its impact and will be recognized and rewarded with eco-bonus.

Launch a Mission

Anyone wishing to launch an initiative will be able to publicize it from this unique portal, explain its purpose and recruit others from the platform.

Sponsor a Mission

Any Sponsor, Company, Brand, Public Organizations, will be able to propose missions, organize Challenges and contribute to bring eco-bonus reward to each participant.


The technologies we have chosen are geared towards serving the user, guaranteeing its confidentiality and protection, ensuring the transparency of eco-citizen actions and the sharing of experiences.
Put at the service of eco-citizenship, these technologies are the most accomplished and the most secure, having the espect for everyone the first of the rules that we impose on ourselves. Each of them has been chosen with care to create and develop eco-citizen dynamics within our digital platform.


Social Network




Token & Crypto-assets




Big Data


Artificial Intelligence


API Interconnection


100% Secured and GDPR compliant


Full Cloud - Worldwide deployment

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