Our philosophy

Positive Sustainability Together

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margret Mead

The CitizenWave adventure starts from a simple observation: Sustainable development is a major concern for citizens as well as for private and public organizations.

But today, even if many want to get involved, it’s hard to know how to get started. That is where our solution comes in.

CitizenWave’s Mission

We want to become the facilitator of eco-responsible actions

The CitizenWave team

CitizenWave’s mission is to connect, through our collaborative platform, all citizen’s and organization’s initiatives together, willing to act and invent new pathways for the planet.

This meeting place will allow anyone who wants to commit to easily find environmental ideas and projects, and TO BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE.

Our platform is therefore intended to be a unique place where people, companies, non-profit organizations, public institutions can connect around ideas and committed projects. We promote a Collective Intelligence by SHARING KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCES of everyone, both locally and globally.

Through this digital platform, CitizenWave allows everyone to respond as they wish to this emergency and to know its real contribution to the well-being of the planet.

Sustainable Development Goals

In all these steps, we are committed to the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations.

These goals call the world’s population to be aware of the urgency and immediate need for action.

The CitizenWave app…

For (future) eco-citizens

  • Discover ideas about sustainable initiatives, such as Zero Waste, Plastic Free, CO2 impact, …
  • Share your ideas, comment others and bring value to the initiatives
  • Take part in actions proposed by the community
  • Understand the CO2 impact of proposed ideas and actions
  • Get a personalized dynamic coach helping you to move towards Zero Waste or other objective you set
  • Well other features to discover here.

Your commitment rewarded!

By participating in eco-citizen projects you get Ecobonus that are a fair return to your commitment.

In exchange for these ecobonuses, you can acquire eco-responsible products and services from Companies partnering with CitizenWave, or offer these ecobonuses to non-profit organizations of your choice that are part of the CitizenWave network.

For Companies

  • Engage with people to promote your sustainable development strategy
  • Improve your attractiveness
  • Interact with this eco-citizen audience to understand their expectations of consumption and commitment
  • Well other features to discover here.

Valued Companies!

By engaging with CitizenWave, bringing their ideas, propositions and concrete achievements, companies are demonstrating their environmental commitment to all the communities, thus improving visibility and image.

And even more, being nurtured by and nurturing citizen’s ideas and actions.

For Public Institutions

  • Get the perfect audience to get your sustainable development and eco-citizenship policy in motion more effectively
  • Interact with citizens on your sustainable development issues
  • Promote and measure your eco-societal impact in your scope of action
  • Well other features to discover here.

Public institutions involved

By partnering with CitizenWave, public institutions get as close as possible to their constituents by participating in eco-citizen ideas and initiatives taking place within their scope of action.

Thus, they become concretely involved in these actions.

For Non-profit organizations

  • Effective access to people willing to commit to your side
  • Wider visibility of your actions on the ground
  • Additional potential donors
  • And more than that!

Greater visibillity for non-profit

By relying on CitizenWave, the non-profit organizations are effectively developing their actions and their societal footprint through greater exposure.

Even more, they value the know-how and content they produce to guide the actions they take.