Our philosophy

Positive Sustainability Together

Notre philosophie

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margret Mead


The CitizenWave community brings together citizens, associations, companies and public institutions around a common aspiration: to exchange, share and act together for sustainable development. From a collaborative digital platform, CitizenWave connects people and entities around the world to enable the implementation of eco-responsible projects.

In 2019, we built CitizenWave based on the simple fact that today, sustainable development is at the heart of everyone’s concerns. Because more and more of us are becoming aware of the urgency of the situation and the need to make a collective commitment. With CitizenWave, we are trying to provide a solution to those who are wondering how to take concrete and positive action at their own level.

CitizenWave’s Mission

We want to become the facilitator of eco-responsible actions

The CitizenWave team

We want to create a broad eco-citizen dynamic by networking all the initiatives that allow each person and each organization to act for the planet. By relying on a certain number of commitments and a collaborative platform, we have the ambition to :

Federate a community

We aspire to facilitate direct contact between citizens, companies, associations and public institutions that wish to be informed or to make a concrete commitment to sustainable development.

Encouraging the sharing and exchange of information

We offer a collaborative platform on which all users can share their knowledge and experience. We encourage interaction on all environmental issues.

Promote the development of small and large eco-responsible projects

We want CitizenWave to become a unique place for the emergence of new committed projects. Any person or organization, public or private, can thus get to know, propose and participate in eco-citizen actions, both locally and globally.

objectifs développement durable

In all these efforts, we are committed to the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations. Those goals call on all spheres of the world’s population to recognize the urgency and the immediate need for the commitment of all.

At our level, we therefore wish to contribute to the achievement of these goals by 2030, in order to ensure a prosperous and more sustainable future for our planet. With CitizenWave, we are committed to promoting and supporting the achievement of these goals.


We are particularly attached to the values of Humanism, Sharing, Kindness, Integrity, Optimism and Voluntarism. We want these values to be shared and respected by the entire CitizenWave community.

Want to learn more? We have gathered and defined these six values that are fundamental to the development of Citizenwave in our Values Charter, which you can download here.